Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger go on sale on the Play Store

If you’re looking for some classic games to play on your Android devices this coming holiday break, you’ll be glad to know that Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger are currently on sale on the Play Store. That’s right, Square Enix just slashed 50% on the prices of these Android games.

Do take note that some of these games are not direct port of their classic versions but rather updated versions. So don’t be surprised to find out that when you’re playing Chrono Trigger, you’ll be able to save anytime, anywhere.

Still, at 50% off their regular prices, these Android games are worth buying right now. See below for the full list of Final Fantasy games available on sale:

  • Chrono Trigger — $5
  • Final Fantasy — $4
  • Final Fantasy II — $4
  • Final Fantasy III — $7
  • Final Fantasy IV — $7
  • Final Fantasy V — $7
  • Final Fantasy VI — $7
  • Final Fantasy VII — $10
  • Final Fantasy IX — $13
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions — $7 — WOOT!

So, which of these games are you going to buy? FF Tactics and FF7 are definitely going to my Android phone.

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